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Market Pulse, September 2018



Always prospecting, whether working to buy or sell

What does “working on your business” mean to you?

Day-to-day listing contracts and sales is my real estate activity. Working “on” my business is daily, weekly, monthly and annually reviewing our activities and how best we can serve our clients. Yes, clients have a goal to buy or sell. I have a number of sales per year goal, a conversation practice goal, a P&L goal, a donation to charity goal and a schedule goal. Checking on goals and results is critical.

Of all the projects/tasks that you do to work on your business, on which of those do you spend the most time?

My most productive task is prospecting, a task most Realtors do not do. I call and network my real estate needs to neighbors, sphere of influence, past clients and other active agents. Just like prospectors panned for gold I “pan” for clients’ gold. If to be sold, I look for a buyer; if to buy, I look for the best opportunity. I’m always digging deeper to discover the “the gold” my clients deserve.

How do you relax/unwind?

I’ve been told I have two speeds: “On” and “Off.” Honestly, it’s a challenge for me to unwind. Stepping out of Naples helps, and leaving my cell phone with my assistant creates “Off.” My new habit of nature micro- meditations during the workday has become a great way to regroup and refresh my thoughts to bring about more creativity in my day. The added energy transfers to great insights to get my clients’ properties sold.

What elements or practices have been absolutely critical in the success of your business?

Comparing my seller’s property to active competition and to those recently sold — in price, condition and presentation — has made all the difference. During the interview process I show sellers the current competition and make price, staging and or condition-of-property suggestions. The internet makes it critical to present every property, even vacant ones, in its best light. Coordinating handymen, painters and stagers is an added task that has proven a winning practice to sell my clients’ properties.

Within the context of your current marketing/promotional strategy, how do you differentiate your company from your competitors?

Competitors can present flashy fliers or internet campaigns. We present an actual daily work schedule that starts at 5:30 a.m. along with a proven, reproducible and accountable plan to assist our clients as they buy or sell a property. Our plan includes integrity and caring and is not cliché. We take the time to roll up our sleeves if need be and do more than the “Realtor” job.

What is your superpower?

Old-fashioned courage. It shouldn’t be so super. It’s the courage to tell prospective sellers the truth about the condition of their home and to suggest what is necessary to make that home sellable. Doing that means the risk of not getting the job to sell their home. That takes courage.

How/where do you find inspiration?

For several years I have been part of a mastermind group. We conference call at 12:30 p.m. every Wednesday. Each month the leader chooses a book and a topic to review. The topics stretch our minds to be better than we are today, to grow our business and to grow spiritually, physically, financially. We work on all areas of our life. The use of audible books helps to reinforce the focus as we go about our days.

What would the title of the book about your life be as it relates to your career or business?

“She Gave, They Won!” When I graduated college, I followed the lead of men in construction before me. I gave my best. I gave my time, and my construction clients won. Now I give my all to each real estate client as though theirs were my own property. I also give time and energy to my charity/mentor work. I know “they win” because I don’t hesitate to help. I choose doing a great job and spending more time to get it right … so they win.


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